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Develop your Internet goals.

Develop your business ideas and write them down.

Search the Internet.

For examples of what other people are doing. Write down what you like and don't like about other sites.

Think of a business name and register a domain name.

Selecting your internet business name, or "domain name," is a critical part of your Internet strategy. It is MBT HOST™ software will assist you in the process of getting your domain name. You type in a name that you would like and our software will search the Internet for you and let you know if the name you would like is available. If it's not, we will suggest similar names that you can choose from. Selecting your domain name is a critical part of deciding what you should name your business.

Gather together all of the information you would like to use on your site.

Including text, graphics and images, video files, flash files, and audio files. Collect as much as you can and remember if you are reselling products or services from another provider they will probably have graphics and product descriptions that you can use on your site.


You can easily layout, modify, and save your website with very little knowledge of the Internet. WebWizard™ site building tool is used to assemble all of your materials together in web pages. You can easily layout and modify your web pages and publish your web site with very little knowledge of the internet or building web pages. WebWizard was specifically designed with simplicity in mind.

Once your website is complete.

You will now use our shopping cart ClipOn Commerce™ to sell products and services from your web site. You simply decide what you want to sell and how much you want to sell it for and ClipOn Commerce does the rest.

Finally you need to save your site.

Once you have published your site other people on the Internet can find and view it. MBT HOST makes this process very easy. You simply click on "Update" and "Overwrite Live Site." That's all! Now you have a finished web site with an online store!


Sales and Marketing

We have come to the conclusion that great software in itself is not enough. The MBT HOST™ approach combines great software and the necessary training & education. That's why we have created the MBT HOST approach.

We have business professionals that have had their own businesses and know how to make a return on their Internet investment. We have learned that it takes three ingredients to make success. They are time, money and knowledge.

  • To make your business work you must have time to devote.
  • You must have some capital to invest in your Internet goals.
  • You must have knowledge.

These 3 components are essential to your success!

You can obtain them in several ways including purchasing books, tapes etc ... or from learning from trial and error. However, we think the best way is through learning from people who have already enjoyed success from an Internet business. With that in mind, here are some ideas and suggestions for marketing your Internet business.

Internet marketing "Pull" methods

  • register with search engines
  • research "like" businesses and setup referral links / affiliate Program
  • e-mail
  • newsgroups
  • classified ads
  • bulletin boards
  • mailing lists
  • commercial online services

Internet marketing "push" methods

  • eBay, amazon, yahoo and other auction portals

  • Traditional marketing "pull" methods

    • business cards
    • radio
    • TV
    • T-shirts
    • coffee mugs
    • take one stands - leave behind pieces
    • direct mail

    Traditional marketing "push" methods

    • OEM / Wholesale distribution

  • Each one of these subjects is vast and can be very powerful. If at any time you'd like to talk to an Internet business professional email us at


1. Compile a list of your web site visitors-

Your web site is now an important tool for use in communicating with your customers and prospects. For almost any business, contacts are a form of sales revenue.

The more contacts and better qualified contacts, the more sales revenue. As you recall the last section of the MBT HOST™ approach was marketing your web site. Once we have successful marketing this section becomes worth a lot of money so pay attention. One of your online business goals is to collect contact information and a level of interest from everyone you (or your website) talks to.

For example: I am a restaurant owner and I want to use MBT HOST™ to collect contact information from men and women eating at my restaurant. I could offer a buy-one-get-one-free program that requires my customer to visit my web site and fill out a survey to obtain. Part of my survey offers a free e-mail subscription to my restaurant specials newsletter.

After some time I collect a list of people who have previously eaten at my restaurant and now have the ability and permission to market to them. What does this mean to me? Two hours before my contact list is getting off work I can send all of them an e-mail message telling them to come to my restaurant to eat after work. It didn't cost anything to send and I can get people back into my restaurant.

Enter your contacts information

MBT HOST™ makes it easy to store, market, and enter your visitors information.

Overview of WebChannels:

If you are going to sell products or services from your web site, then every time a customer makes a purchase, your shopping cart will automatically ask for the customers e-mail address and it will be stored for you so you can communicate with your customer in the future.

Overview of Profiler:

You can create forms on your website like customer satisfaction and customer support forms. The information collected by the form stored so you can communicate with your customers in the future.

3. WebContacts and WebChannels - A contact is a name with information about the person. We use channels to organize these people into groups. For example: All the people in group "A" want my newsletter. Group "B" are people who filled out a form to receive more information. We would put group "A" into a channel called "newsletter" and group "B" into a channel called "leads" or "prospects".

4. Send e-mail to your channels - Once we organize our people into channels we can send them e-mail, web pages, and auto responses.


Evaluate Your Business's Progress

Don't make the assumption that if you haven't made any sales on your web site then you must not have any web site visitors. This is usually not true.
This is usually not true.

One of the most important elements for being successful on the Internet is to know what is happening with your web site. The following bullets are some items of information that you should know:

  • How many "hits" did my web site get in a specific time period?
  • How many "Visitors" did these "hits" represent?
  • How many of those "Visitors" were unique and how many were repeat?
  • Once someone entered my web site what did they look at?

This is a very small sampling of the information MBT HOST™ software will give you. Based on this information you can make informed decisions about your web site and Internet strategy WITHOUT GUESSING.

For example: I might think that because I've made no sales that I don't have any traffic to my web site. By using MBT HOST I find that I do have traffic, but no sales. Now I can investigate further and find out that people visiting my site are not looking at my product offer because they can't find a button to click on to get them there. With this information I can modify my web site making it one click from where people enter my site to see my catalogue.

Now you want to wait and see what happens. No problem. MBT HOST will allow you to run reports whenever you want to so you always have the information you need to make informed decisions.


Update & Improve Your Site for Success

In step 4 we learned how to research what is happening throughout our site. Now we are going to use that information with other ideas that we read about, find on other Internet websites and learn through our experience to make changes and enhancements to our website.

Here are some examples of things we can do:

Q.I don't have any traffic coming to my web site what do I do?

A.We need to advertise our site. Search Engines, Magazines, Radio, Affiliate Programs, Include your Internet address on business cards, letterhead etc. Tell your friends that you will pay them a referral fee for leads that turn into sales. Whatever it takes to drive traffic to your website.

Q.I have traffic to my website but I can't seem to make any sales?

A.We need to look at our reports. Are people coming to my site looking at my products? If they are and still not buying I need to work on consumer confidence with things like "Our web site is completely secure," "We never share your information with anybody," "If you would prefer to call in your order then write down what you would like to purchase and call."

Q.I am making some sales but my average ticket is $30.00. How can I make more money from people ordering from my web site?

A.Increasing your average ticket is a great way to get more revenue from your existing clients. Here you could make an offer like "Remember that shipping is always FREE with orders over $100.00."

MBT HOST™ software powers thousands and thousands of businesses all over the United States and Canada. Use our approach to put your business on the Internet!


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MBT HOST software gives you everything you need to create and manage a successful business on the Internet. Read through the MBT HOST process below to explore how the MBT HOST software can be used to start your own successful business online.